Private Photo Storage

Private Photo Storage

On this page we will talk about the safest and most private photo storage services. Firstly, it's really difficult to find a safe place to store your private photos nowadays. There are of course many basic cloud photo storage services, but if you are looking for a safe and private place to store your photos, there are only a few that also work on all your devices. Secondly, just a handful of those options are away from the reach of big tech. Moreover, when you dig deeper, only few of these services are made by companies with great track records. It was overwhelming to try to find a private photo storage service that also stores photos encrypted. So we made a list of private photo storage services and ways to store encrypted photos to help you easily find a safe home for your timeless memories.

The services and apps featured on this page are all open-source. So that anyone, even you, can independently inspect and verify the security and privacy promises of these apps and services.

We think that nobody should have to entrust their most precious memories to shady LLCs established in the US by attorneys. This is why, on this page we exclusively listed services and apps that are made in Europe by companies with excellent reputations, transparent and public business records, clear business models and easy to read privacy policies.

Here are the top private photo storage services, that are open-source, and made in Europe by reputable companies.

Cryptee Photos - Private Photo Storage


Cryptee is a safety and privacy focused, cross-platform, encrypted, private photo storage service. It also has a great text editor where you can write personal documents, journals and upload other files. We think it's the best private photo storage service available in 2021.

Cryptee works on all your devices and provides a zero-knowledge place to keep your photos. All your photos are encrypted on your device before they get uploaded to Cryptee. It is well designed, simple to use, and it has all the features you expect from a private photo storage service. For example, drag and drop uploads, albums, timeline, favorite photos, custom album dates and more...  

Photos look great in Cryptee's gallery and there is an easy to use timeline navigation. Our favorite feature is Cryptee's intelligent photo search. You can search for your photos in natural language. For example, if you type "photos I took in the morning of summer 2018" Cryptee will find all your morning photos from the summer of 2018. Moreover, it also figures out if you live in the southern hemisphere and understands the seasons correctly!

Cryptee is based in Europe, in Tallinn, Estonia. A country Wired magazine named "the most advanced digital society in the world".